Thursday, February 28, 2013

TT-Mason Jar Blender

Mason Jar & Blender

Cleaning the pitcher that comes with a blender can be tedious especially when using small quantities to blend or puree. My cat has recently become ill in his old age and had stopped eating. The vet recommended baby food meat. It's pureed meat in water or gravy but with a hefty price of $1.20 for 2oz. We had some boiled chicken that he wasn't able to chew.  Baby food=boiled meat and a blender. We only needed a small amount & the pitcher is huge. Then the Mom went on to talk about how she grew up blending in a mason jar with the blend. I sure have plenty of mason jars not in use. But does it really work?

Mason Jar & Blender

Mason Jar & Blender

Unscrew the bottom of the pitcher. The blades come apart from the white ring so be careful. Fill your mason jar and screw the blade base on. Turn your jar upside down and it will click onto your blender.

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