Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Goat Milk Stuff Review

Do you have itchy, dry skin and nothing seems to help soothe the itch? I have been suffering since September 2009. I developed an unexplained rash/hives on my stomach and legs. I tried prescription antihistamines & cortisone cream with no luck.  I was already using clear laundry detergent and no fabric softeners. I didn't start anything new. The mystery continued.

I saw a dermatologist this summer after the height of the hives. Unfortunately the inflammation calmed down too much for a diagnosis. I was given another prescription cortisone, sunscreen and prescription lotion. The lotion is a cortisone which helped with the intense itching, it wasn't healing my skin though.

I started to make my own lotions using oils that were marketed for reducing inflammation and extracts containing antioxidants.  Again I was only soothing the itch and not healing my damaged skin.

My friend, Crunchy Jen has told me for at least a year to try Goat's Milk. She shops at the farmers market, earth conscious and all natural with her body care, she buys her bars locally. I finally took the plunge and contacted Goat Milk Stuff. The company was a random find. I am truly happy to have found them.  I received a few products to review:

Full Bar: Patchouli
Full Bar: Purity
Half Bar: OMH Scrub
Half Bar: Kool Koala
Lotion Stick: Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Lip Balm: Peppermint

Just look at the details on the soap! I admit I didn't want to use them at first.

The lotion stick is nice and not greasy. I admit honey scent isn't my favorite, though it's amazing on my skin. Shhh, I even used it in a pinch as lip balm.

The lip balm is very much like my own recipe, but better. I honestly don't measure oils so the results vary. This is so smooth and not waxy. The menthol crystals feel wonderful on the lips. (I use Peppermint EO).

OMH Scrub-Oatmeal, Milk & Honey with chopped rolled oats added. Very nice alternative to my sugar scrub which is why I chose this bar. It gently exfoliates and moisturizes. I give this soap 3 stars. There is nothing wrong with this scrub bar, it just didn't WOW me like the others.

Kool Koala-has an aqua swirl and the eucalyptus, peppermint, and spearmint essential oils provide a very clean and refreshing scent. Perfect scents for when you are congested. This came at a perfect time because my mother has a cold. Oddly enough she can not be around peppermint oil. This bar she loved! She didn't even notice the peppermint. The spearmint notes are what she smelled the most. SCORE! I give this scent 4 stars.

Patchouli Essential Oil- Yes many would refer to this as hippie soap. I started using essential oils 2010. I was avoiding this scent because of the stigma. I admit that knowing patchouli is considered an aphrodisiac peeked my interest. Cinnamon and Ylang-Ylang also fall in this category, but I don't care for the scent. Since I tried Patchouli this past fall, I can not get enough of the smell. Plus, neither can my husband, when I use it. Oddly enough there is a shortage of Patchouli EO. Many bath and body companies are substituting for Patchouli fragrance type. I tried a few and was very disappointed. I officially have found the best Patchouli scented soap. I don't even want to try any others. My skin is soft from the goat's milk and I smell yummy. I give this essential oil bar 5 stars.

Purity- No colors or perfumes added. OMG. I love this soap. It does contain Olive oil which Kool Koala and Patchouli do not list. My itchy skin is SOOTHED. I had a fresh scratch on my arm that healed. I have 3 spots, not acne, that itched so bad and remained raw for weeks. They finally healed. This soap is exactly what I have been looking for. Even my hands are less dry. I still have dishpan hands but not severe. If soap didn't have a shelf life, I would buy a lifetime supply NOW!

I can not say the soap is helping my acne. I did use other products on my face where I break out. I have been eating less healthy too. I am excited that many have reported it did help their acne too. I also have Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms. This is the main reason I was using sugar scrubs. It kept the eruptions to a minimum. I haven't had any issues since day 3 of using Purity.

Day 6

My goal was to find something that would speed the healing of my wounds, hydrate my skin, and elevate the hives and Keratosis Pilaris. I found that with Purity from Goat Milk Stuff. It's been a long journey. Everyone's skin is different, I really think this is a product you need to try if you have a skin condition. I would recommend ordering the Problem skin Pack, which includes organic castile, purity, calendula, and tea tree. I picked purity because I have tried castile, calendula extracts and tea tree essential oils in various products, including my own. I simply can not rave enough about this company. I have been on Twitter and Facebook spreading the word. I have told family and friends. I am now sharing my news with you.


Please check out their links to learn more. There is so much more information about how the goat's milk is from their very own goats, that two of their boys regularly milk. Jim, the husband, is in charge of soap making. PJ home schools the children and they are involved with sales at Fairs. Also check out the cute stamped burlap bags my soap arrived in. Check out their blog and remember to sign up for their newsletter.

  Problem Skin Pack 



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  1. I get dry, itchy skin every single winter and it is terrible! I find myself putting any and all lotions I have on just trying to find something that will work! I also get psoarasis breakouts on my hands in times of stress, so Goat Milk Stuff sounds really great to me!

  2. I love goat milk bath products! I think they make my skin super soft :)

  3. I won products from them in the past and they are so simple and great!

  4. Ohhh, these look like great products!

  5. I suffer from eczema, I am always looking for something to help my skin.

  6. i have been using goat milk soap in the shower for about a month now. i love it. my skin feels so much softer now. i also use it instead of shave cream.

  7. This stuff looks amazing! It would be great for my son's eczema!