Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System

Do you have a coffee or tea lover on your Christmas list?

We love our Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System which we purchased in July. Two very big coffee drinkers and one who loves variety.  We purchased coffee grinds in stock and the Ekobrew is a perfect solution.  My Mom and I are faithful fans of Chock Full O Nuts. My husband likes to try every brand and flavor k-ups.

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You can choose two cup sizes. I use the 7 1/4 for stronger coffee when I wake. The 9 1/4 I use after dinner. The reservoir is easily removable to refill.

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I love how you can brew tea with the Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System & Ekobrew.

I read the reviews concerning the loudness of the Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System honestly didn't find it any louder then our previous Coffee Brewer. I can say it has last longer than the last 3 Coffee Brewing systems we previously owned. We haven't had issues with coffee grinds clogging the system either. There is no pot to clean which is a HUGE plus. We had one glass lined pot explode before.  We had paid more for the pot brewing system than the Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System & Ekobrew combined.

Originally we were concerned with waste.  We discovered we wasted less coffee when entertaining since most of the time people would forget their cup or only finish half. Now they can custom their strength and enjoy fresh hot coffee. Since you don't need filters you reduce paper waste too.

The Keurig B40 Elite Brewing System & Ekobrew is a winner for our family. It could be for you too.

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  1. That doesn't sound right. You should be getting way more than 6 months out of your machine. Do you know if it's still under warranty?

  2. getting one of these is very tempting (especially because i don't drink more than a cup a day).. but buying kcups can be expensive!

    i definitely think it should last more than 6 months though- i hope you are able to exchange it!