Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good Night Sleep Rub

Sticking to a nightly routine is essential part of daily unwinding for kids and adults.  Before getting cozy with warm pajamas apply this Creamsicle lotion kids are sure to love.

1oz Shea Butter
1/2 oz Coconut Oil
1/2 oz Sunflower Oil (or other light liquid oil)
Wild Orange Essential Oil

Melt the Shea butter in 20 second increments in a microwave safe glass container. Once melted stir in the 1/2oz of coconut oil until it dissolves. Finally add your liquid oil. All this to cool and harden slightly. You can speed up the process by putting the container in the freezer. Just keep checking that it isn't completely solid.  
You want to whip the lotion with a utensil or handheld mixer that WILL NOT touch food again. When it's semi solid whip the lotion.  Add 10 drops of Wild Orange and whip again.

Orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis) warms the body and spirit, lifting moods, creating joy, and sparking creativity. You can use it in a diffuser or in a lotion, and it is safe for adults and kids. Orange oil contains 85-96% D-limonene, which is both environmentally friendly and powerful as a cleaner. Plus, the smell is invigorating.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hot/Cold packs

Show someone how much you care with homemade gifts. They add a personal touch showing the recipient how much you care. You can even stretch your budget while making the gift memorable.

You will need two 5inch squares of fabric. These are called charms and usually sold in packs of 42 like this one for $10. Cut the arm of an old T-shirt. Stitch one hole close, fill with uncooked rich then stitch the other end close. This pack can be replaced as needed.

Stitch two charms on three sides inside out. Reverse the fabric carefully and stuff with the rice pack. You can add Velcro for the final closure. Just remember this will be used in the microwave and you want to avoid metals.

Heat for the inner pack for 30 seconds.  The inside will feel a lot hotter than you think. Please do not heat more than 1 minute. Be careful when handling directly from the microwave. Stuff inside the outer pack and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender is comforting and Eucalyptus is Energizing. You can also place these in the freezer for a cold pack.

These make the perfect size for hand warmers too. On a cold day, warm the pack(s) and place in your pockets before heading out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Guest Post: Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple! Taking Dinner Back one Family at a Time.

Want to serve your family delicious meals but feel like you never have time, energy, or the right ingredients? With a little help… food planning and preparation can be made fun for families. Eliminate the guilt that comes from wondering what to make, grocery shopping on the way home each night, making the same items over and over or "driving through" for more than one meal of the day.

Host your own freezer meal workshop today! Weeknight meals have never been easier!

Cozy Dinner Pack ALL Slow Cooker Freezer Meals Use fresh (not frozen) meat for the workshop. I will provide printed labels at the workshop, which include the name of the meal and the cooking instructions. It is easiest to bring your meat to the workshop in a cooler. You can pre-measure ingredients or bring measuring utensils with you to the workshop. There is Prep-Work of putting meat in Ziplocs PRIOR to the workshop (except ground meat). This prevents “meat juice” everywhere. TS Kit – Onion Onion, Garlic Garlic, Himalayan Sea Salt, Bayou Bourbon Glaze, Gorgonzola & Olive Cheeseball, Asiago Alfredo Warm Dip Mix, Irish Stout Sauce and Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup $69.92 plus Tax and Shipping .

SPECIAL TIME ONLY: You can buy our Cozy Dinner Pack with 4 desserts plus a bread and FREE Sweet Mulled Cider for only $99.99* OR UPGRADE to Celebration Pack with 24 products including desserts, bread & other FUN products plus FREE Triple the Fun for $199.99* Contact me today, to host your own freezer meal workshop. Ask about the special VIP Shopper Club and how you can get your Celebration pack for a discount or even free!. Visit me on-line at or

Recipe Included in the Workshop will be: 

  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Cheesy Chicken Ziti
  • Savory Grilled Chicken
  • Creamy Gorgonzola Meatballs
  • Slow Cooked Sloppy Joes
  • Beef Bowls
  • Upside Down Chicken Pot Pie
  • Irish Stew 
  • Meatloaf 
  • Garlic Beef Roast

Guest Post: Pink Zebra


Transform your mood. 
Transform your day. 
Transform your home and the possibilities are endless.

No matter what you are in the mood for, we have the smell. Sick of the cold weather? Feel like you are on the beach again with our Beach Breeze scent. Want the rich and vibrant smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree but none of the work? 



Try our Pine scent. You can also deck your halls in any style with all our gorgeous simmer pots. The sky's the limit. Let your imagination run wild. Shop online at

Monday, November 10, 2014

Guest Post: Damsel in Defense

I am an Independent Representative with Damsel In Defense. We are a fairly new company, founded in 2011, with less than 7,000 consultants nationwide, and we have a mission to spread - to Equip, Empower and Educate people regarding personal protection and to try to do our part in lowering the staggering statistics facing our nation today. We offer non-lethal, self-defense products to not only keep people safe, but to also build their confidence so they know that they have a way out if they ever feel threatened.

Statistics show that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime and an aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds. College age women are 4 times more likely to be assaulted. Damsel in Defense has the products and fact-based education that can and does save lives.

Until crime ceases to exist, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from any due harm. We take the time to prepare for natural disasters but we so rarely think about our own personal safety, so why not prepare ourselves for an attack if it should ever arise? On the news every morning you hear of assaults and 9 times out of 10 of them, having one of our products could have avoided or changed the outcome of the situation. We all know that assaults will continue to rise, especially with the time change coming up and people doing their daily tasks, but in the dark.

We carry a wide variety of personal protection products, including, stun guns, pepper spray, kubatons, door alarms, emergency car kits, child trackers, personal alarms, etc. Our pepper spray is 18% OC and contains a UV dye which stays on a would-be attacker for 7-10 days. While our products are geared towards women, many men are also customers. They not only purchase products for the women in their lives, but also for themselves.

We aren't the typical "party" company, we call our “parties” Empower Hours (that's about how long they last). I will do Empower Hours, one-on-one consultations, a get together with 2 friends or 50, I just want to spread the mission and help equip and educate women.

You can also visit my website and my Facebook page is

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Guest Post: Vessels

Essential oil lovers I want to share a great line of lockets and jewelry that make beautiful and versatile personal diffusers. Vessel Scents Of Style has a growing line of wonderful products. 

Please let me know if you have an interest. I would love to assist you in any way. Please use my Stylist # 100114 at time of checkout at or email me.

Guests Post: South Hill

Christmas is coming FAST! Have you started your shopping? What to get Mom, Grandmom, sister, daughter, best friend? A beautiful locket with charms that tell their story!

I can help you with your order via email or you can use this special link to SHOP ONLINE!  Open till December 5th.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Look at those lashes!

Hey ladies! If you are looking for longer, fuller, darker more beautiful lashes CHECK THIS OUT!!!! This is a 100% natural fiber that you use just like you would your mascara. It guarantees to increase the length and volume of your lashes by 300% or your money back!! I have tried it and am HOOKED! AND it's only $29 for the gel/fiber duo which will last you up to 3 months if used daily! The results are REAL!!! Check out my friends results, and visit her website to get your LASH CRACK!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Subway Art

Short & Sweet! Enjoy this free printable! Transparent background.

Diffusing Oils

Essential Oil Diffusers use cold-air to disperse oils through a nebulizer into the air. It's one of the most safest and effective ways to utilize the unique benefits of the compounds naturally occurring in the herbs used to extract the oils.

Essential oils work on many different levels – emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally - via the skin and olfactory system. Did you know modern medicine starts with the unique compounds found in the herbs before mixed with synthetic compounds to create the final drug.

My favorite oils to diffuse:

  • Wild Orange neutralizes odors.
  • Respiratory blends for congestion and sinus issues. Ahh to breathe again!
  • Hormonal blends *whisper* to tame that monthly beast

Today my son & I are enjoying the aroma of a respiratory blend which contains Peppermint. He told me that he no longer feels the need to throw up & looks forward to me diffusing daily. I highly recommend checking out Plant Therapy, they are affordable & pure.

You can learn more about essential oils in this book The Heart of Aromatherapy by Andrea Butje.