Friday, September 3, 2010

How to get Cheap/Free Diapers from Amazon with SwagBucks

1)Join swag bucks and start earning points. For 450 points you can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card. Use their search engine to earn points. You can earn 1pt each day by taking part in the daily poll, visiting the NOSO center (just click skip or no on the offers), using the toolbar, & visiting the Survey area (need to be a member for a week). You can fill out the mini profiles in the survey area for 5pts each (only time payout).
2) Sign up for Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime for free 2 day shipping-Good on 4 accounts so you can share with Family & friends.($19.75 person)
3)Check out the 30% off diapers & Wipes sale. Subscribe and save works on one item at a time. It will only apply to one package of diapers/wipes per order. Unsubscribe anytime. I usually wait until I receive the order.
4)Coupons-$1 off Pampers. You’ll then need to click on the coupon and find the diapers above, then the $1.00 off will automatically be applied at checkout. Link to coupons below:
5)Get a copy of Parents or Parenting September issue for 20% code for Amazon diaper orders to save more.
6)After you redeem your points at swagbucks in 10-14 days you will receive your Amazon gift card code. Then get ready to shop. You can add the items to your cart now and save for check out later when you get the gift card.