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Hey everyone! I am Michele & I left my full-time job 11 years ago. During that time my Mom needed help while she was recovering from back surgery so we moved into her house. 

A few years later in the fall after having our son, I developed sensitive skin. I always had a passion for researching & I learned about ingredients in our body care products which then led to me formulating my own.  (Finally using my college degree!).

After discovering the flexi clip my SELF-ESTEEM rose and I cared more about my hair. I now create my own conditioner and gel specific to my hair type.

I remember how frustrating it was dealing with broken hair clips, frizzy hair and lost elastics. I realize that some of YOU experience these issues too & I want help.

I am an expert at quick/easy hairstyles using unique hair accessories.
I work with women struggling with boring hairstyles.
I help them transform their boring styles into dazzling ones in seconds at a reasonable cost.

  What do women really want?

  • A high fashion look at a reasonable cost.
  • To achieve timeless beauty in a matter of seconds.
  • Simple products that help balance our complex lives.
  • Stunning original quality instead of shockingly cheap imitations.
  • Solid, caring businesses that won't disappear or disappoint us.
  • Flexible financial opportunities that work with our rigid schedules.



When I look at photos of me from my college years, it's noticeable that I either rocked a high poofy ponytail (which led to awful headaches) or partly half up style with the same clip in the same place on my head. I spent far too much time finding the right handful of hair that would fit into that same boring rusty clip. The more you fuss with thick curly hair the messier the final look. This would lead to more time wasted taming the frizz with even more gel & finishing spray.

Time is valuable & I was tired of wasting it on my hair!

Want to learn how you can style your hair in seconds?

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The FLEXI clip is a one-piece (nothing to lose), flexible (gentle yet firm hold), and durable hair clip that is available in SEVEN sizes and in multitude of designs!

Yes you heard correctly, SEVEN sizes but don't let that overwhelm you. Check out this short video below to find your size!

The days of wasting time styling my hair is mostly over since I discovered Lilla Rose Inc. I say mostly because I now have the freedom & tools to discover new styles. The days of wearing a boring rusted clip are now over and filled with colorful options!

Now that I am an independent stylist, I want to help you too!



Say goodbye to headaches, headbands that slip & Bobby Pins that slide. 



Say hello to Lilla Rose Inc. Home of the Flexi clip, adjustable headband, u-pins, bobby pins & hair sticks.

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