Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb 12th Valentine's Day

Counting down the days to Valentine's Day

Borax Crystal Heart


-3 tablespoons of borax per 1 cup of Boiling water

It's very important to boil the water first the mix in the borax. I did 3 jars. I forgot to mix the first round. 2nd round after boiling water and mixing I had crystals in the AM. One jar I didn't bring to a complete boil. The borax completely dissolved and no crystals formed. I ditched that mixture and started over. Within an hour I had crystals forming. Taller jars are much better. See the pink liquid? That produced the most crystals.

If you use a string to dangle the heart in the water you will see the dye color traveling up the string. How cool is that. A science project with two cool effects.

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  1. what a fun craft! that actually reminds me of crystal rock candy i loved eating as a kid.. if only those came heart-shaped too :)