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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Finally a wonderful deal on Ekobrew. Don't want to give up your favorite coffee with your Keurig? These are a must. No more filters in the trash and keep using your regular coffee instead of K-cups.

Sign up for Groupon here. Once you are logged into Group, select goods from the top. You will see several large photos. Here is the Ekobrew. The Stainless steel gives a stronger brew than the reusable filter. If you don't rinse them immediately and there is more than one coffee drinker in the house, I would buy two.

Shop through Ebates for 6% cash back. You would first sign into Ebates. Search Ekobrew Groupon. Then click on Groupon and you will be taken the their main page. Follow the instructions above to select the Ekobrew deal. Two days left. $2.99 s&h under $15. Taxes may apply.

My past review on Ekobrew. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

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