Thursday, January 17, 2013

TT-Thursday Xylitol

I am on a quest to find an all natural toothpaste that isn't homemade. During my research I discovered several recipes contain Xylitol. It is sugar alcohol sweetener that is extracted from hardwood or corncobs. Many studies have shown it has significant dental benefits.

Tip for Thursday-While xylitol is harmless to humans, it is fatal to dogs who ingest.

Update May 24, 2013
May cause anal leakage? What? Read Crunchy Betty's post here.

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  1. How would I use this on my teeth? Do you just brush it on in addition to toothpaste, or do you have any tips on how to use it?

  2. It's added to commercial and homemade recipes for flavor. I will post a homemade recipe soon. I haven't tried using xylitol but I may know someone who has.

  3. Wow I never knew any of this. Thank you for the useful information! :)