Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Challenge-Toys

I was reading a blog post at Jade Louise Designs last night and it totally hit home! March I am challenging us to keep the playroom in order and easier to clean. Who is with me? Above is the before photo. We already bagged two trucks, a kitchen and a grill.


Cleaning tips 1: Limit the Toys!

This is our biggest challenge. It's hard to part with the toys he loves. The construction trucks are his workers. He received the tool station from Santa but isn't using it. Instead the pieces are in a huge pile on the floor.

Cleaning tips 2: Contain the mess

Time to fill those crates and put away the tools. We started with the crates when it was just the trucks. Time for a new game plan.

Cleaning tips 3: Schedule clean up!  

It's so overwhelming that we just give up cleaning it all.  Time to start a new cleaning schedule before meals and bedtime.

Cleaning tips 4: Involve the toddler in picking up!

I have been a firm believer since he was 1 to involve him in the clean up.

Cleaning tips 5: Tips and Tricks for success!

 What are your tips and tricks?





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