Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TT-Coconut Oil AGAIN!

Itchy ear canal & Makeup remover

Yes another post on Coconut Oil! Everyone has to have a jar at all times. This week I used it as a makeup remover. No more overly scented commercial products.

It's allergy season and I suffer from itchy ear canals. The doctor recommended cortizone cream applied with a q-tip. Cortizone also thins your skin so I do not want to use it daily. I did some research and apparently Coconut Oil is a suggestion. I have been applying it every morning and it works!

Here are some other uses!

Lip balm
Scuff marks

Nail conditioner-My nails are so much stronger since applying CO to my skin.
Itchy scalp and skin-Apply neat

Deep conditioner-I do this once a month. I apply to my hair and let it sit overnight.
Diaper cream-Soothes diaper rash
Bug repellent with essential oils-Found in many natural products.
After shave-Soothes the skin
Extra sun protection WITH sunscreen.-This does not replace sunscreen!!
Nipple cream

Past Tips


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