Friday, July 13, 2012

Homemade Deodorant

The one product I promised myself I would not make was deodorant.  I tried to resist but curiosity got the best of me. Could it really be that simple? I had my doubts. I was faithful to Secret Clinical but not the hefty price. I wasn't crazy about the fragrance choices either but it kept me fresh smelling and mostly dry.

I started my experience in the winter months. I immediately noticed how soft my skin was. By day 3 I was ready to throw in the towel. I was stinky and perspiring like crazy. I had done my research, reading every recipe and comment on varies blogs and websites. I knew day 3 was the hardest. I continued with the experience and am quite happy I did.

Yes you still sweat. It's natural to sweat. Bacteria causes the stinky smell. This is why many prefer scenting their mix with essential oils.  Tea tree is the best option but not the nicest smelling. You will have to experiment with scents. Citrus oils are OUT. They will burn after shaving and your skin will be sensitive to the sun. Always do an allergy test before adding to your concoction.

Coconut oil melts at 76F. This recipe will be soft in the summer/heat and more solid in the cooler/winter months. Coconut oil also melts on contact to the skin. I personally use my fingers to apply. It's recommended you use a tool like a spatula to avoid contamination. I apply immediately out of the shower. I allow this to dry before dressing. I wipe any excess oil with a washcloth.

I increased the cornstarch in my recipe. I did have some irritation from the baking soda but when I decreasing the baking soda, it loses it's effect. You may replace the cornstarch with arrowroot powder.

1/4c baking soda
2/3c cornstarch
5 Tbs coconut oil
2-3 drops tea tree oil (max 1% of the recipe)

Melt the coconut then whisk in the powders. Add 2-3 tea tree and any EO for scent. Never mix food utensils with ones that touch essential oils or body care products.

Little scent goes a long way.You are making deodorant NOT perfume. I would test this product before using skin safe fragrance oils. Bramble Berry is my favorite online shop for fragrance oils. I shop Plant Therapy for essential oils.). Larger quantities I shop around. I use which ever coconut oil is on sale but Tropical Traditions is my first choice.

Some people have develop a rash either from the corn starch or the baking soda. You can play around with the amts to find what is best for your body chemistry. I also suggest applying Apple Cider Vinegar after applying the paste. I use a roller bottle.

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  1. Looks fun! I am all about DIY stuff these days. Must give it a try.

    Chaotic Cantrells

  2. Thank you for this do-it-yourself recipe for deodorant. Not only does it sound interesting to try, it also sounds fun to make with my kids.