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Thursday, March 7, 2013

TT-Cleaning your cricut mat

TT-Cleaning your cricut mat

I love my cricut however the mats become messy fast. I am sure I am using the wrong depth for the blade since my mats are severely marked and I barely use it. That's a whole other subject. 

Some papers stick really good to the mat. It can leave behind fibers especially when cutting intricate designs. I searched the web and you-tube for some tips. The number one thing everyone stated, there are a lot of tutorials out there. It really depends on you which works best. You need patience and elbow grease. Give it a try first before buying a replacement set. You may find it's worth the effort to clean and restick the mat than buy a new set. If you don't use it often, a replacement set might be your best bet. I have had the cricut for over a year now. I am on my 5th mat. I have used it for two large projects (Birthday parties) and two smaller crafts. This will be my 2nd time removing the tacky glue and  reapplying.

I tried the hot water and soap method with a kitchen scrubber. A lot of the residue was sticking to the back and sides of the mat. I would have to replace the scrubber too. Glue doesn't come off easy.

Today I tried coconut oil. I know I use it for everything right? Well it works! Not only did it remove the dirt, it made it easier to scrap the glue with the tool above-putty knife. I have to say this is my favorite method. Just apply a thin layer and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Wipe off with a baby wipe and then scrap. You may have to apply more than once. 

I have used store brand and name brand tacky glue. The craft store brand was thinner and less tacky. Aleene's Tack it is thick and very sticky. Just apply a thin layer with a sponge brush and allow to dry. Thicker the layer, the longer the wait. You will need to lightly rub a t-shirt over the mat once it dries.  I just ordered EK Success Zig Carded Jumbo Tip 2-Way Glue for my 3rd mat and other projects.  As you can see the prices for the glue and mat are so close.

TT-Cleaning your cricut mat

Keep your mats clean by properly storing them with the plastic cover supplied. You can use a lint roller to remove pet fur, paper fibers etc. Stick a piece of gift wrapping tape on the seam of the lint brush roller to keep it from sticking to the mat.

Do you have any tips?

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