Thursday, March 14, 2013

Summer 2013

 These three plants caught my eye for this summer. What do you think?

   Lemon Catmint (Nepeta cataria 'Citriodora')  If you have cats, you’ll be happy to know that they aren’t usually fond of the lemon scented catmint. Catmint can be a messy, sprawling, floppy plant, so don’t be hesistant to harvest and cut it back hard. Lemon catmint is a bit better behaved than the common ornamental catmints. This lemon scented herb grows to about 3' tall and has winter flowers in mid-summer.

Sedum 'Blue Pearl'
  • Non-fading intense BLUE foliage
  • Strong leaves like PLASTIC!
  • Withstands 55mph windstorm with no stem breakage
  • Over 6+ months of non-fading foliage color
  • Bright pink contrasting flowers

Sedum Angelina

Golden-yellow, needle-like evergreen foliage stays attractive & take on reddish tones in the cooler months of spring & fall. Upright yellow flowers grow 6-8 inches tall in early summer.


  1. Woah- Babushka's kinda plants; COLORFUL!!! Gonna see if they're good for N.Florida. Gracias & BB2U.

  2. I love Blue Pearl sedum! Such a beautiful color and quite hardy if you treat it well! The Angelina is pretty too!

  3. These are really very nice.
    hopping over from MPM

  4. Nepeta is one of my favorites! I also love the sedums. I love the bees, butterflies and birds they attract as well! Great heat/sun tolerant plants!