Tuesday, March 26, 2013

PYP March 26th

Show 'Em Where You Come From - Address Stamps for 69% Off!

Personalized Self Inking Stamp! 

When was the last time you had to print your return address over and over again?  Annoying isn't it?  Makes your handwriting get all slanty and 3rd grader-y, doesn't it?  Time to save yourself the hand cramps and get yourself a stamp.  These beauties are an essential for any home and a perfect gift for a number of occasions.  Weddings.  House warmings.  Going-away-to-school gifts (know anybody leaving to college any time soon?).  Or maybe just a gift to yourself so you don't have to write a return address ever again.  So get stampin'.  That's an order.

Our lovely Pick Your Plum stamps come in 4 styles:
Measurements:  Stamp Housing is approximately 3 3/4"(H) x 3 1/2"(W) x 1 3/4(D)" and produces a stamp that is approximately 7/8"(H) x 2 1/2"(W).  Ink is black.

Fine Print:  Stamps ship for just $3.99 for one or 15 stamps and only $8.99 for our Canadian friends.  Packages will be on their way on or before April 23, 2013.

DUE TO CUSTOMIZATION, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery - thank you!

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