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Thursday, March 14, 2013

TT-Ditch the towel


Ditch the towel and switch to cotton t-shirts to dry your hair! T-shirts have a smoother texture than towels and reduce friction which prevents most frizz.

Bend at the waist with your head down. The neckline of the shirt is against my forehead. I take the sleeves and tie it at the base of my neck. I then take the waist and tie that above the sleeves. The curls are piled in the middle of the shirt.


 Never rub any fabric to dry your hair. Squeeze your hair instead. Remember curls love moisture so don't squeeze out all the water. Just enough so it's not dripping on your shirt. I use a new T-shirt daily and wash with the towels.

If I am going out and plan on wearing makeup, I leave the shirt on until I am done. Then I will style with my gel. It's mostly dry at this point. When I am staying in I blot the ends and style with gel.


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