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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ways to save Electronically

Phone Apps
  • Ibotta -Choose products and complete tasks to earn more cash. Go shopping then    upload your receipt via phone. Earn Cash!

  • Endorse -Weekly offers-some may increase by sharing on social networks. Shop then upload your receipt and earn. NLA fall 2013

  • Saving Star -Add your store card(s), add offers and shop. Reward is tracked via your store card #. You may add more than one card per store. For instance Mom has her own cards from when she lived alone. 99% We use my husbands card alone. Fast gift card delivery. If you use other electronically clipped coupons it may conflict and allow only one offer. (lifetime $54.05)

  • Recycle bank -While caring for the environment you can earn points. Each week you earn points for recycle pick up. Some areas have a barcode that is scanned, others are weighed by neighborhood for point rewards. You can earn points from education games online too. Redeem for gift cards, coupons or merchandise.

  • Swagbucks -I dedicated a post already on swagbucks here. Complete offers for points and redeem for gift cards like Paypal and Amazon. I make well over $500 a year. Doesn't sound like a paycheck but when you shop clearance and sales it goes a long way. I use this to purchase holiday gifts too.

  • EbatesShop at home -Before you check out online visit both of these sites for % cash back. Shopathome offers 110% if say Ebates records a higher reward. Ebates allows you to cash out in Amazon gift cards. Shop at home sends a check when $20min is met. This comes in handy for Holiday shopping. Ebates (lifetime $89.98) &  Shop at home (lifetime rewards $131.20)

Consistently use these programs and refer your friends and family. They start to add up quickly. I had forgot about my savingstar points. I was short $4 making my Amazon order free for things I wanted not needed. I logged into several of these programs and found $5.10 in savingstar. Cash it in immediately or save for a rainy day like I had.

This post contains affiliate links in which I receive a referral bonus when you kindly use my link to sign up.


  1. I keep hearing a lot of Ibotta, but have not checked it out yet. Totally have to check it out today, I feel like I am missing out, lol.

    1. I have to admit it took me awhile to sign up. However when I need they extra $ I realized the importance of having a back up ;-)

  2. I love ebates! I do all my shopping from them online!

    1. Shopathome matches 110% of ebates so I switch time to time.

  3. I love having things that end up with "forgotten money' lying around.

    1. Just like found money in an old jacket or purse.



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