Friday, April 12, 2013


Search & Win

Swagbucks Earn for things you do every day - search the web(gibberish too), shopping favorite retailers, surveys, videos etc.

You can redeem these points for gift cards(amazon-free diapers & christmas gifts), paypal (think cash), & products. I have earned over $400 this year. It's how I reward myself with crafty goodies and pay for holiday gifts. SAHMs don't get paid much and I found a way to reward ME. Yes I would get credit up to 1000 search points a referral earns. I have not had a referral source in over a year. I still made over $400. Therefore referrals are not necessary to score free money.

Bonus 50 pts when signing up with code SPRINGIN2SWAG. Good till April 30th

- eGift card(US) is only 450 Swag Bucks!

- Select items available for cash back 3% at Ebates

* How do I sign up for Swagbucks?

It’s super easy! Just click Swagbucks and fill out your information. You'll receive 30 points just for registering to get you started. 

*Tips for maximizing your Swagbucks earnings:

Once you've registered with SwagBucks, earning SB is easy. Just follow the instructions below to earn!

*Perform these tasks every day:

1. Install the Swagbucks toolbar. You'll earn points every day when you first open your browser just for having it installed!

Menu on the left side of swags page:

2. Click through the No Obligation Offers and get an instant Swag Bucks credit. Just indicate "No" or "Skip" or "See Next Offer" to offers that don't interest you. Found on their main page on the left column.

3. Take the Swagbucks daily poll on their site.

4. Watch Swagtv for 3 point codes(180 a day). D/L the mobile app for another 50pts a day

6. Print coupons and earn 10pts for each redeemed (Clearinghouse takes up to 30 days)

7. Play games


8. Play trivia games on their facebook application.

9. Visit their fan page for tips from current users and what offers are paying instantly.

As you can see there are several ways to earn points even without referrals. Some are more appealing than others depending on how you use your time on Swagbucks. Once you find your way around refer your friends and family. You only earn matching points for web searches.

*Gift cards taken 7-30 days to become available for use. Read the descriptions for each card before ordering. Amazon takes 7 days to deliver. Paypal has a takes 2 days.

Join Swagbucks today!

Like em on facebook for daily tips from active users. Check out the discussion section too.


  1. I have won may cvs cards from SB!

  2. i signed up a long time ago but i always forgot to do everything to earn the daily points! maybe i should try it again... thanks!

    1. It's never too late to start. It took me 6 months to get started.

  3. I LOVE Swagbucks! My favorite redemption is Amazon gift cards-I've gotten lots of stuff over the last 2 years ;)

    1. My favorite too. I was doing paypal to pay off some bills. Now that I have a wishlist at Amazon I am stocking up on them again. I just ordered craft clue free with my AGC.

  4. i signed up, but never really got into it.. im think this is a sign that i need to start again

  5. This looks interesting, I think I will join...thanks for finding this!! :o)

  6. I love swagbucks but can't seem to ever get any points, going to have to keep trying.

    1. Send me a message. I can help you along.

  7. If anyone needs help with swagbucks just drop me a line. Email, facebook or twitter. I check twitter less often.

    I am running mobile tv now while surfing the web. Love it.

    Stephanie-I was the same with gift hulks-
    I signed up 3 years ago and just started to use it. I find Swagbucks has a user friendly layout than GiftHulk. But free is free right!

  8. Swagbucks updated their homepage. It looks pretty cool. If you need help navigating just let me know.

    Also if you don't coupon you can still print them and leave them behind when you shop for others. ;-)

  9. Just found your blog over at My Journey with Candid's blog. I love swagbucks. I have cashed in many time to paypal. I would recommend swagbucks to any one wanting a little extra cash. I subscribed by email and followed on Pinterest

    1. Thanks for posting the words of encouragement for other readers. Thanks for dropping by.