Friday, April 19, 2013

PYP April 19th

Hey Baby - Nylon Headbands and Adorable Clips for 65% Off!
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Headbands are stretchy and fit baby to adult

They'll love how they look so much that you can count on them being happy and scream-free the entire time they wear them (actually...don't quote us on the scream-free thing).  Grab one of every shade for your own little lady.  Stock a gift drawer full and keep them for baby showers.  Do whatever you want.  Just let the babies have their beauty time.
Nylon Headbands, 10 packs (each band has an approximate 12" circumference).  They are stretchy and fit baby to adult.

Alligator Hair Clips, 10 packs (clips are approximately 1 3/4" long and 3/8" wide)

One of Each

Curl-osity (Bold Bands include: royal blue, lime green, orange, red, plum, flesh, hot pink, black, wine, sunny yellow)
Curl-operative (Pastel Bands include: baby blue, soft purple, white, yellow, mint, peach, cream, gray, pink, green)
Hair-itage (Bold Clips include: (2) red, (2) hot pink, (2) baby blue, (2) sunny yellow, (2) orange)
Hair-editary (Pastel Clips include: (2) pink, (2) yellow, (2) green, (2) baby blue, (2) purple)
Hair-mony (Classic Clips include: (2) gray, (2) white, (2) black, (2) brown, (2) royal blue)
NOTE:  These fit baby to adult.  They are stretchy

Fine Print:  Headbands and hair clips ship for just $3.99 (for up to 14 orders) and only $6.99 for our Canadian friends.  Package will be on their way on or before April 30, 2013.

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