Thursday, April 18, 2013

PYP April 18th

Care for a Touch of the Bubbly? Bubble Watches for 78% Off! Click here.

Bubbly: Outgoing, adorable, exciting, infectious.  Those are the qualities you'll find in a bubbly person, right?  Now what are the qualities of a bubbly watch?  Well...we'll tell you.  You can expect a bubbly watch to be about the same.  Look at them! They're bright and bold.  They're easy on the eyes.  They make you excited to tell the time.  And. Everyone will want one just like yours. See what we mean?  Grab one for yourself.  One for your neighbor (she's been so nice and always waters your lawn while you're away).  One for each of the teachers in your life (go ahead and prepare for the end of the school year).  Then decide you want two more colors for yourself.  Easy as pie.  All that's left to decide is the color.

Pick a watch, any watch:

Note:  Watches measure approximately 7 1/2" long and have a face that is 1" in diameter.

Fine Print:  Bubble watches ship for just $3.99 for one or fourteen and only $8.99 for our Canadian friends.  Packages will be on their way on or before April 29th, 2013.

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