Monday, April 1, 2013

1-Palm Tree

My son is turning 4 this week and for the last month I have been creating decorations. It really doesn't take a month but when you have two toddlers and four cats running around the house, finding quiet time can be challenging.

Things you will need:
  • Empty roll from paper towels
  • 50-75 oval shapes in various colors of brown/tan
  • Permanent adhesives and/or tacky glue
  • Dowel or pencil
  • Greenery
I cut the ovals with my cricut with the size dial at 1 1/2. Curl one end with the dowel or pencil. The amount of ovals you need depends on the height of the roll and spacing. On my second tree I spaced the ovals closer together.

For this tree I cut the roll in half. If you fold the roll in fours(square) and lay it flat it is easier to glue the ovals to. I applied tacky glue to the surface of the roll and allowed it to dry.

Then I applied scrapbook adhesives to the flat end of the oval and randomly placed different colored ovals on the roll.

Gently shape the roll back to a cylinder and insert your leaves. This project cost $1 for the bouquet of palm leaves. Everything else I had on hand. I molded the wired stems to achieve the look I wanted.

You can cut the oval shapes with EK Success Paper Shapers found on Amazon or craft stores. Don't forget your 40% craft store coupon.

Come back tomorrow to see how I turned this into a party table centerpiece!

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Jungle Theme Party Posts

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