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Party backdrop

Party backdrop on a Budget

Framing your party space is essential for a cohesive look. Adding a backdrop can be a challenge if you do not have an empty wall to create the desired look. How do you accomplish this with a fully furnished room without moving furniture and while on a tight budget?

Purchasing a backdrop cloth-This can be expensive. Many are fairly narrow and do not cover average sized furniture like a kitchen hutch or dining room china closet.

PVC piping- I thought this idea was one of the most creatives and time consuming. There is also the dilemma of where do you store the pipes afterwards? I still struggle on storing holiday decorations.

My thrifty solution involves ink pads, brown packaging paper, tape or mod podge, stamps (optional) and sponge applicators (make up wedges). Cost $5 the least.

Party backdrop on a Budget

Card marking is another hobby of mine and I had several inks & various stamps on hand. You can find cheaper quality (sometimes I find these work better) stamps and pads at Walmart or the Dollar store. This project can be done by ANYONE. You do not have to be an artist to create a simple blended background. 

First I laid the glass panels onto the packaging paper. I collected pieces from several *ahem* Amazon packages. I simply cut the paper 1/2 inch larger than the glass. I applied Mod Podge to the glass and laid the paper on top. The glass on the right I did last minute since we had to replace the kitchen ceiling. I glued the excess trim to the backside. I used Mod Podge because it creates a temporary bond that cleans easily with water. The paper is more delicate to smooth. You may wish to skip this step. I also wanted a barrier in case the ink bled through the paper.

Next round up your ink pads and sponges. Start with your darkest color first and then blend the additional colors. I used light and dark blue, honey(orange yellow), olive and dark green. 

After the ink dried I used a stamp repeatedly to create the grass. I used three shades of green for depth. *This is an optional step. It's best to let the Mod Podge dry overnight or at least 3 hours in low humidity. I added the brown paper to the first panel before bedtime and sponged the next day. Sponging took 15 minutes top. It's so simple a toddler can do this. 

You could ink then tape to a panel but you run the risk of smearing the ink. Some don't dry completely.

Party backdrop on a Budget

I have to admit I still haven't taken this down. It's like looking at a sunset at dinner.

Party backdrop on a Budget

I don't think I could have spent the day staring at our collection of mugs inside the hutch. I am sure many wouldn't have noticed but it would have been an eye sore...more so than the unpainted wall with swatches everywhere but at least those blended with the color scheme.

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