Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3-Final touches to the centerpiece

The final step in my centerpiece involves using hot glue to add moss and Safari animals.

  • Tons of glue sticks and hot glue gun (glue sticks was a clearance find last year)
  • toothpicks
  • Plywood or cut out animals (.79 each from AC Moore)
  • Moss ($1)

You can cover just the foam since you painted the frame or continue adding moss. I added a smaller layer of brown moss mixed with the green to the frame. The paint is there more to hide gaps if any once the glue dries.

I broke the toothpicks 3/4 inch in size and use the hot glue to attach them to the animals. Depending on where you place these you may not need to glue them down. If you stick them in the foam they should stand. If not just add a little glue before placing them.

$15.25 for two Safari themed centerpieces. Majority of the budget was spent on foam which I am sure you can find at the Dollar store.

If you search Etsy I am sure you won't find anything like this at this price. I have seen diaper centerpieces with cardstock cut outs or card stock cut outs on dowels for twice this price.

Saving money takes time but it can be a fun experience too! My son loved watching the process and picking out the cute animals.

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