Monday, May 6, 2013

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips

O.M.G. I love them! You have to try one. I can help you with sizing if you need. I went back and forth for months deciding. It's hard to find a barrette that works with my thick hair. I feel like Goldilocks picking them out. I easily wasted twice the price of these Flexi clips trying to find one barrette.

The flexi, made of piano wire, have 3 notches on the pin, come in several sizes and colors. Even the beads don't pull my hair. I can sleep with a small one in my head at the crown too.

For the above photo, my circumference is 3 1/2. That is on the high end of the small so I use a medium. If I pull the sides only on the top of my head I use a small. For pony tails I use a large. Perfect for morning bedhead hair. Here is the size chart.

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