Sunday, May 5, 2013

DIY Dollar Store Planter Gift

I have a new found love for the Dollar Store. You need to think out side of the box and shop with an open mind. A few weeks ago I was on a mission to find something for Mother's Day. The best Mother's day gift is a homemade gift. This simple and frugal craft is perfect for those who don't like candles, candies, spa gifts etc... Include your children when picking out silk flowers and plaques.

Things that caught my eye for this project:
-Tin planter (3)
-Tiny terra cot pots (1pk of 3)
-Silk Flowers (7)
-Garden plaques (3)
-Floral foam (1pk of 4)
=$5 for each person

Supplies on hand
-Acrylic paint
-Mod Podge
-Foam dots
-Brown packaging paper
-Wire cutters
-Foam sheets (32pk from $ Store)
-Cuttlebug & Butterfly die cuts

My son recently painted two Styrofoam plates. I wanted to incorporate his artwork and I used them for the butterflies. 1-Red and 2-Purple. I layered a complimentary color butterfly cut with the intricate holes, allowing the red/purple to show through. That determined the color I would paint the pots. The flower were chosen base on the design of the tin.

I used foam dots to attach the toothpick to the back and then layered another solid butterfly cut from the foam seats. (sandwich the toothpick) I carefully glued the blue layer on the red. The other two I used foam since the design allowed for them to be hidden.

I filled the holes with Aleene's paper glaze. This was my first time using it. You can use Mod Podge or School glue. I sprinkled the glitter on top and allowed it to dry.

If you don't have a cuttlebug, you can find foam shapes already precut at the Dollar Store,.

Trying to paint a pot without making it resemble Christmas was trying. I went with red rim, red pot then a layer of orange. I dipped the top of the rim in blue glitter. I stamped "love you" and embossed in black.

The second pot I painted two shades of purple and added orange to the top of the rim. The butterfly was cut from the purple painted plate (solid) and then intricate design in yellow/orange (complimentary color of purple).

The third pot I went with lime green rim then dipped in matching glitter. The pot was done in baby blue mixed with navy blue. I later painted poppy flowers (shhh it's for my mom of course I took it a step further).

Next you want to cut your stems from your flower bunches. I adhered the floral foam using glue foam dots. I stuffed the rest of the tin with brown packaging paper. Arrange your flowers in front of you to decide how you want them arranged in the foam. When you are satisfied begin sticking the stems in the foam. Don't judge until you have all the stems in place. You might need to bend and twist the stems to complete the look. Next insert your garden plaque into the foam.

Now you need to shred some brown packaging paper or paper of your choice. Apply Mod Podge or glue inside the pot and tin. Then lightly press the shredded paper on top and allow to dry.

By now your butterfly should be dry. Use a small piece of foam to stuff the pot and attach the butterfly. Add some glue or Mod Podge and lightly press the shredded paper on top.

Congrats you just completely a frugal homemade gift. Mine will be for Mother's Day but these would make great gifts for Hostesses, Get Well, Happy Birthday .....

Who knew the best place for photos indoors was my laundry room!

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