Thursday, May 30, 2013

Eatsmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale Review

Anyone that has been cooking for a while, will eventually stop measuring ingredients. Instead, ingredients will be measured in more of a "that looks about right" style. This isn't a big deal when making chili or meatloaf, but this Memorial Day I wanted to grill burgers. This was a new frontier for me, as I normally just get a pork shoulder of chicken and not worry about how big things are. For the burgers, however, I specifically was looking for quarter pounders.

Since I wanted such a specific weight and size, I knew relying on my eye would not work. Here is where the Eatsmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale entered the picture. Before I even turned it on, this scale impressed with its sleek stainless steel finish. I knew it would be easy to clean and keep germ free. All the same, I covered the scale with a piece of plastic wrap. The plastic wrap weighed .020 lbs. I had not expected to see that measurement. This scale is sensitive enough to tell me the weight of a single sheet of plastic wrap. I knew at that point, nothing was standing in my way of quarter pound accuracy.

A quarter pound of ground beef is much larger than I thought it would be. Had I left my measurements up to my eye, I would have ended up with 1/8 pound burgers, and a table full of guests asking "where's the beef?" The Eatsmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale definitely saved my burgers.

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