Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lilla Rose -June

Welcome to all the new fans this week! Nice to see so many new faces.

What in the world is Lilla Rose? Lilla Rose offers beautiful hair accessories that are sturdy. Say goodbye to those elastic bands and claws!

Flexi Clips are offered in 7 sizes. Whether you have fine thin hair or thick and full there is a size that will fit your style.

Depending on your hair type and style you may need more than one size. For instance I wear a small to a medium for half up styles. A medium can be used on wet hair for tight pony tails or a large for dry hair. I have super thick curly hair.

Sizes depend on thickness and slickness not how long it is for many styles.

Lilla Rose offers Bobby pins, You Pins(great for buns), head bands and sticks. There is even an Flexi-Oh!for pony tails. It's a flexi without the pin but does fit differently.


You can even find some badge clips for those who must where one for work. These are unique and don't break away so be care in careers like nursing.

The flexi is made of piano wire and decorated with beads in various colors and shapes. The middle of the figure 8 is a decorative piece that is welded on. These do contain nickel for those with allergies.

The are available in several colors from gold, silver, brass and black nickel.

Every month a new design is revealed for a limited time. Sometimes they come back while other times they retire.  Lilla Rose expects the best quality and sometimes they and are reproduced to meet their standards.

No hassle returns and exchanges too!

Watch the video to find your size.

Visit the shop today.

Come back and ask any questions you may have.  You can visit me on Facebook too.

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