Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIY Colored Jars

Colored jars are a great way to introduce color to a room without breaking the budget. Wash out and save those empty condiment or sauce jars. You will need some elbow grease, oil and warm water to scrub off the glue under the labels.

Once they are dry, mix Mod Podge and some food dye. There are various finishes available too. Original will fade in direct sunlight. *Outdoor finish will yield an opaque design but not fade. You can also dilute acrylic paint mixed with Mod Podge original for a translucent finish.

Experiment with different brushes and strokes. Paint the outside only if you are going to use it as a flower vase or candle holder. Get creative and place stickers like circles with tape, paint then peel before it's completely dry.

You can coordinate with your wall color with left over paint. Pour some in the jar, swirl and then turn upside to drain the excess paint and dry. You can use a brown paper bag or wax paper to catch the excess. If there is too much excess paint then the jar will stick.

You can fill the jar with epson salt to change the heights of the candle inside. Never leave a lit candle unattended especially around wind, children or pets.

Turn it into a  fun family event.

*Outdoor Mod Podge will gradually fade over time in direct sunlight. Mine did last a whole summer without fading. Place a lid on the jar outside when not in use. You can spray paint the lids too.

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