Monday, December 30, 2013

Stockpile organization

The last few months we have stocked up on several items: gravy, broth, pineapple and protein bars. It's become a little difficult to see what are the canned goods. 

Storage Organizer
Such a simple organizer can make a world of difference. It comes in 10in and 15in with non-skid pads. I opted for the 15in Copco organizer. It is sturdy enough to hold 35 oz cans of Tuttorosso tomatoes. You almost can't see them in the before photo.

Storage Organizer
They also offer turn tables. Two-tier would be great for small spices on the bottom and larger on top.

Storage Organizer
I would use a single shelf for hot sauces and salad dressings.

I saved 6 pack cardboard boxes to store the sauces. Canned bbq sauce is stored easily in front of the tall bottles.
As you can see the shelf is deep.

For lightweight spices I used a 3 tier wire tray from the dollar store. It's just sturdy enough for our spices but too weak for bottles of liquid.

You can find this shelf at Lowes for $78. Once a year you may find it at $50. I have tried other cabinets and by far this is the best and sturdiest.

It's amazing how easily you can find items in your pantry when you are organized. It's definitely worth the investment. 


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  1. great ideas! i just started couponing, so my stock pile has begun