Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Storage

Every year we dread going into our designated closet for the Christmas Decorations. Mom kept many of her Mother's stuff. She has her own style and then My husband and I moved in with our style.

It starts out organized. Then day after day we find another thing we missed. It gets to the point you can't open the door without stuff falling.

We have so much stuff it would take a week to complete. This year I put 1/3 of the items out because I didn't want to go through the mess.

  1. Outside decorations
  2. Mom's (will need 1-2 more)
  3. Our decorations
  4. Christmas tree decorations

The best time to get organized is now. Since the room was half empty I was able to move things around and see everything. I made sure to pick out clear bins. $5.98 at HomeDepot.

2013 Update

Keeping things organized is always an ongoing project! We successfully kept it organized but we still have a lot of dejunking to do. Before storing the decorations I am sorting each bin and removing what we haven't used.


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