Thursday, December 12, 2013

Clearance & Crafts

For the last three years I have been collecting clearance odds and ends at the craft store and the local drug store. I never had a plan for the pieces when I make the purchase, until today.

This frugal holiday craft cost under $3 max. 

The greenery was a craft store find two years. The pine cones were found locally on the ground! The berries and tiny wreath were found three years ago at the local drug store.

I decorated the planter and painted it black for Halloween and fall. We had a broken "Happy Holiday" stake that I placed in the pot. Tonight I sat down without a plan but had floral wire and all these items. The pot had a bare spot from the cabbage plant. I just weaved the wire on the greenery to the wreath. I had no real plan. The planter had an odd bare space so it didn't have to be perfect or any set shape. I added some sno-texture to the cones and glitter.

Update! It has snowed a few times and it looks wonderful with a dusting!

Sometimes you need open eyes and mind and the rest will fall into place. My inspiration Bing photo below!

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