Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spa Gift Set


Did you know for a fraction of the cost you could make your very own spa gift set?

Here are a few recipes for you to try.

  • Sugar Scrub:  Glycerin 10%, sunflower oil 50%, Phenonip preservative 1%, Essential oils like tea tree, sage and lavender (20 drops max) and White sugar-fill to top. Heat the oil and then add preservative. Don't not use a glass container for use in the shower.
  • Lip Moisturizer: Beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, essential oil of choice-I like peppermint. Recipe found here.
  • Basic Salve: 2oz shea butter, 1 dry tablespoon of beeswax and up to 20 drops of essential oil of choice like lavender. Melt the beeswax and butter using the double boiling method. Once it melts mix and allow to cool. Before it becomes a solid but under 50C, add the essential oils.
  • Bath Bomb:2 cups baking soda, 1 cup citric acid, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, 10 drops Essential Oil. Combine the dry ingredients. Add the coconut oil then essential oil. Use a spray bottle filled with witch hazel a little at at time until the material comes together. Form into balls. Let the bath bombs air dry. Then, wrap them individually in small bags.
  • Bath Salts: 1 tablespoon of oil (Almond is nice) mixed 1 cup of salt-You may mix various salts like dead sea and espom salt. Best used in a warm, not hot bath. Add 10-20 drops of essential oil. I find lavender to be relaxing and orange is uplifting. Mints are strong and cause your skin to tingle, so go light.

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