Monday, December 30, 2013

Refrigerator Organization


2014 is almost here and it's time for a fresh start. Why not start with the refrigerator.  You are what you eat right? So let's find out what that mystery item is, clean those shelves and organize.

Two things you need before getting started:

1) Measure the depth and width of your space. You will need the measurements to plan out a storage solution.
2) Empty that refrigerator completely and start scrubbing. Ick I know right!

Warm water, white vinegar and a drop or two of dish soap is what you will need to clean the inside. For tough stains sprinkle some baking soda and soak that stain with your cleaner for a few minutes.

Meanwhile let's take a look inside those containers! Can you see through it without opening it? If not then you need new containers.  If you made it more than 3 days ago, dump it. Rotate your leftovers as you place another meal in the refrigerator with the oldest in the front.

As you can see we love our condiments and spreads. I chose my containers for that purpose. I did rearrange the items on the door to find the best grouping. The most used items are on the door like butter and my son's favorite jam. I love that these containers slid without scratching the shelving so you can reach the back of the container.

If you have space between your lunch meat/coldcut tray and fruit bin then check out this 12 x 2 style:

Don't wait any space! We actually store our eggs in that spot. We couldn't trust using the door with 4 cats and a toddler in the house.

Check out the InterDesign Storage solutions. I bought a few for our kitchen pantry. They even have sizes for the freeze! You don't have to limit yourself to refrigerator or freezer storage either. They are perfect to organize makeup and hair accessories or craft items.


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