Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Smart-Fab Review

Smart-Fab is a non-woven fabric that can be used in art projects for kids and adults. The unique properties of Smart-Fab allow it to be easily cut, glued, painted, sewn, stitched, and stapled. Hobbyists, parents, teachers, summer camps, and schools, can use it to create fascinating art projects and activities. The possibilities are endless!

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One of my addicting hobbies is crafting. I love making homemade cards, felt and paper gift boxes, decorations for holidays and parties. I ran across Smart-Fab and was offered to do a review on their products. I received two sample booklets and 5 sample rolls for review. I pondered for a few days on how to test the product. I read past reviews and numerous times people pondered if you could use it in a cutting machine like the Cricut.  The rolls stand approximately 2 feet with 3/4 diameter. A very generous sample in my opinion.

Since Valentine's is around the corner, I noticed my lonely silver painted glass bloc! I looked through my cartridge options and settled on the "Love" sign. After a few passes it cut perfectly on pressure, speed & blade depth set to 4. I did run into issues with the SmartFab adhering to the mat for intricate designs like certain snowflakes. I am sure with further testing on with the Cricut settings this would be corrected.

I love that this product does not fade. This bloc has been in our front window with direct sunlight for one week and it hasn't faded. Yes it is a bit transparent. I think it adds texture. I used 3L E-Z Runner Permanent Tape with no issues. Actually I had more issues adhering the nylon ribbon to the bloc than the Smart-Fab. It easily cut without fraying with crafts scissors.  

Smart-Fab can be found on Facebook and Pinterest.

Currently I give this product 3 stars. It's still a review in progress. I do wish it was more readily available to crafters. For smaller projects check out the 45pack of 9x12 sheets on Amazon.

Check back in April for the grand project using the rolls. Jungle themed birthday party for my Son who will be turning 4.  
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  1. That is a nice product specially for those who love crafting, like me. Nice project you got there. :) Neat.

  2. Very interesting product. I don't do much in the way of crafts but always appreciate projects done by others. Nice review!

  3. Love this! I am not too crafty but this looks so easy to use and I love that it doesn't fray. Thanks for sharing!

  4. those are beautiful and easy to make!

  5. I have been wanting to start crafting and this looks so easy. Nice review.

  6. This is really neat I had never heard of Smart Fab until now. Thanks I love crafty things.

  7. I'm not the craftiest person, but I'm trying to get better. I want to plan a big party for my son's 1st birthday, so thanks for sharing this!

  8. I think I just found something awesome and new to be obsessed with. I can already hear my pocketbook groaning. lol

  9. I've never heard of this, looks really easy to work with. I wish i had more time to craft!