Friday, January 31, 2014

Melted Crayon Heart

melted crayon heart
Oh Noes! I caught the Pinterest bug once again!

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I simply love crafting! I never would have discovered this passion if it wasn't for Pinterest. I just love going there to search for crafts done by real people! Occasionally you have a fail or way to complicated craft. You just don't know till you try!

I have noticed that Pinterest is very popular with Stay at Home Moms! The first year of my son's life it he ate, slept, ate, slept... You get the picture. I filled some of those nap times by being online communicating with other parents or catching up with friends. One day I stumbled onto Pinterest.

My son started preschool which means cool fun crafts we can gift to his classmates! What do couponers have in plethora that is no longer appealing once to toddlers once broken? Crayons!

metled crayon muffin tin

My son was ecstatic to here he was allowed to remove the wrappers and break the crayons into pieces. I did limit the project to already "damaged" crayons and to a pink/purple/blue theme. I just loved hearing him name the colors as we sorted.

I did test the project in a metal muffin tin not meant for food and my heat gun. I discovered several things. 1) It takes a lot of crayons to fill those muffin tins. 2) It takes a lot of heat to melt the bottom layer 3) In theory this does work with patience and oven mittens.

melted crayon giftheart shaped candy mold
The Challenge was to create melted crayon art for 20 toddlers who will break them in minutes with little effort yet unique. That's when I settled on a tiny candy heart mold with 16 cavities. I was able to melt all 20 pieces with my heat gun in little time by filling the cavity half way. I fell in love with the dimple!

You can use your toaster oven set at 210 for at least 10 minutes or in your microwave.

melted crayons

Next step will include how to attach these to an adorable Valentine themed note card. Stay tuned!

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