Monday, November 4, 2013

Just Start!

Recently people have been telling me how talented and crafty I am. I think "really"? I feel as though my ideas are just copies from inspiration I see on the web or Pinterest. Majority of the ideas don't just come to mind. I spent a good year drooling over Martha type crafts wondering how in the world she did that.

I woke up one day and stopped wondering and gave it a try. I tried and tried, over and over again. I wasn't successful overnight. So stop sitting there saying "I can't do what she did" if you haven't given it a try. You just need the right inspiration and tools.

I put my craftiness to the test this last month by signing up for Vendor Shows as a Lilla Rose Consultant. When I joined in April I had zero plans on doing demonstrations. I was strictly going to stick to online sales and friends/family.

A light bulb went off one day. I look for inspiration for holiday decorations and tablescapes, why not for direct sales?

How can I make my table stand out? Yes the clips sell themselves but something has to catch a person's eye right? I started by looking for a color theme. Do I want to stay with the companies colors or do I want to change with the holidays or seasons?

I started with this color palette. FYI You must check out Design-Seeds website or Facebook fan page.

I saw this picture below and loved how she incorporated the neutral colors. You don't want your color scheme to jump more than your product but compliment or enhance it.


I then moved on to table clothes and display trays. What I like about the photo above is the use of green, cream, white and brown. The wooden displays go with the color scheme and natural feel. I decided then I would stick to the 3 hues of purple and add in a light green.

I love the wooden crates sold at the craft stores. My son has 6 of his own for toys and I use two for the front window displays. They would be perfect for height. Many other Lilla Rose consultants utilize picture frames to display their clips. I think it's a brilliant idea, however I wanted something a tad different. I received a few jewelry display trays from another DS friend. They would be perfect if I could figure out how to line it and incorporate black.

I told my husband, it's time for a trip to the craft store. You can imagine how thrilled he was not to mention my 4.5 year old son. Let's just say I have learned to plan ahead better for faster trips.

The wooden crates happened to be 50% off AND wooden serving trays. They came in several sizes just like the flexi clips. Hmmm Of course I purchased them and immediately hit Pinterest for liner ideas. Who knew my secret stash of felt would come in handy. Simply roll the felt and hot glue it together. Continue until the tray is filled with rolled felt. Ahh but my felt isn't one color. It looked tacky and didn't go with the color scheme. I had to line it with something like fabric. I started with velvet but it was costly for the number of trays I was using. I moved on to a silk like fabric in black. Stones sparkle on black ;-)

I think you get my point. You need to find inspiration and save it. Before it was a scrapbook and now it's Pinterest. Find how to tutorials with photos or videos. Skip the ones without those requirements, you will waste time. Find time to try the crafts. Don't go for the most complicated craft first. Something simple like painting glass jars. Copy the craft exactly at first. Don't try changing the brand of paint etc unless you can not find it. Their might be a reason behind their choice. If you try to change the materials and fail, you will never know if it was the materials or you. 99% it's the materials or lack of patience like waiting for paint to dry before applying a second coat even though you found a mistake.

Check out my Direct Sales board on Pinterest. Many of the ideas pinned could be used in your own home for displays or gifts for others.

One last tip, avoid Martha's crafts for now. Trust me!

Oh and don't forget my craft link page found here.

Purple: Love it or hate it, this table will stand out in your mind.

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