Monday, January 13, 2014

Save the exotics in OH!

Come January 1, 2014 the state of Ohio will begin confiscating exotic animals from the only homes they have ever know only to euthanize them and charge previous owners thousands of dollars for doing so. The state has passed a law on owning exotic animals and making it so no one can comply so everyone will loose their animals. No one was Grandfathered in! There are over 800 animals that have been registered and could loose their lives come January. This fund raiser is to raise money for a retainer for Eric Deters the BULLDOG! Please help us spread the word and get everyone to please donate something! Help save these animals lives! -Daniel

Hi I am Michele Clarke and I met John several years ago on a cat forum. I am owned by domestic cats. I love all animals and this ban has me so upset. I want to do more! I decided I am donating part of my commission for the BullDog retainer. In case the needed funds are not raised I will still donate towards an other organization to help the same cause. I will allow Daniel and John choose another program for the same cause.  You will need to use the shopping link below for the cause.

Lilla Rose offers affordable and durable hair accessories. We are known for the flexi clip. It's a one piece hair clip that bends and flexes because the beads are strung on piano wire. Extra Small up to Large may also be used as a brooch on scarves, hats and shawls.

We offer several animal designs too!

Thanks so much for your help! We need to help and protect these animals because WE CAN!

While I am an independent consultant for Lilla Rose, the company itself is not affiliated with this fund raiser.

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