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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Got Peacock?

I know a few people who have an obsession with Peacock jewelry. I would like to introduce Lilla Rose's flexi clip of the month: PARADE ON COLOR.

Buy them here:

 #1 rule with the flexi of the month: You like it buy it NOW! You can always work an exchange with me or the company. December's snowflake sold out in ONE day. I have been an addict, I mean independent consultant since April 2013 and that was a first for me and many others. The special holiday clip Joy also sold out in one day. The August dragonfly lasted a week. I think you get my point.

Get it here:
Contact me on facebook for questions

So if you have an obsession with peacocks check out these items on Amazon too! Retro Elegant Peacock Necklace & Retro Elegant Peacock Earrings. Or you can check out some Vintage blue earrings by 1928. Highly recommended by a friend.

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