Friday, November 1, 2013

Lilla Rose: FOTM

A gathering of rustic leaves and vines, tender purple and crimson blossoms, and exceptional opulent ruby paisley come together to create this gorgeous center arrangement. Resting upon bicone cut colors of amethyst and extravagant red faceted beads, your hair will delight being wrapped in its warmth and lavish flair. Antique Brass.

It's it beautiful! Each month I am amazed all over again at the beautiful designs Lilla Rose creates. You don't want to miss out. Once they sell out, they are gone. 


Flexi of the Month: 
Each month a new hair clip design is revealed for that month only OR until they sell out. A few FOTMs from the past have become part of the everyday stock but there is no gazing ball that will foretell when this may happen again. If you are admiring this design please don't wait. Some FOTM's have sold out the first week. 


If you are in doubt of what size flexi to order, go down a size. You can always pull back less hair. Unfortunately many of us can not add more but we wish!

November "Autumn's Ruby Bouquet"

Mini: $17.00
Extra Small: $22.00
Small: $23.00
Medium: $24.00
Large: $25.00
Extra Large: $28.00
Mega: $32.00

*The price reflects the extra gems in the design.

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