Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I am a bit obsessed with a book series called Outlander. The first season is now on Starz. I love that the main character is into herbs and natural healing while in the 1800's.

I noticed these apothecary and a few others at the crafts stores and thought "I can do that!" I have plenty of empty jars hanging around for crafts. I have glass paint too by Deco Art which I have used previously on my glass garden flowers. Next I needed to create or find labels to print. I love pinterest for this purpose!

The paint is fairly thick so I mixed in Mod Podge. I used craft glue to stick the labels to the glass then finished with a thin coat of Mod Podge.

Not too shabby Aye! 

You can use as a centerpiece & fill in with leaves/ pumpkins.

 Or you can put it on display in the window....

I love the look with some eerie filters on Picmonkey!


When you have time check out Pickmonkey. 
You can design your own labels and upload the photos to print.

6 Must have decorations

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