Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bloody scene

Photo by Kylyssa Shay

How cool is that DIY bloody hand Halloween decoration! I had to give this a shot. Kylyssa Shay mentions this could get messy so I did this while my son was at school. 

Some tips: 
- You need multiple thin layers & could take a few hours to complete.
- Do the first print with Mod Podge & allow to completely dry before adding the bloody layers.
- Make sure your fingers connect to the hand.
- Let it completely dry on the plastic wrap BEFORE attempting to remove & put in place.

I think the blood drops really pulls the scene together. The larger splatters are easiest to apply.

Wrap a sturdy board in plastic wrap. You may have to tape to the back of your board. Generously apply Mod podge to your hands and stamp onto plastic wrap. Allow this to fully dry. Add one drop of blue paint to a glob of red paint and mix with Mod Podge. Paint your hand and keep adding layers after each dries.

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