Sunday, July 7, 2013

Glass Flower Art

While looking for Dollar Store crafts I discovered Glass Flower Art. Before you get started you need to decide where you are displaying your project to select the best products.

This project should take you a week to complete at most. I did the research for you, testing products & displaying options. Below are the brands/products that work. These have been tested in high heat and humidity, strong wind gusts and down pours for a week.

For indoor projects, use Plaid Promoggi Gallery Glass Acrylic. If you are painting a design like a butterfly or flower you would need a leading paint. You the leading paint to outline your pattern. This will keep the colors from bleeding. This paint is NOT Uv resistant or waterproof. You do not bake to set the paint. Once the paint is dry spray an Acrylic Sealer.

When adding layers of glass art you need a waterproof sealant like Loctite for a strong hold. Don't get too much on your hands, it's a bit messy. Apply a thin layer to both pieces of artwork. Gently press them together and allow it to dry for 48 hours.

For long lasting artwork that is dishwasher safe use DecoArt Americana brand. I used Crystal Gloss Enamels for a transparent look (3D and glitter available too) and Gloss Enamels for an Opaque look. It's also available in frost. DecoArt Americana also offers Stain & chalkboard mediums. Allow to dry for 48 hours then bake 325 for 30mins. You can use a lower temperature but for longer bake time. You can purchase this line at any major craft store. I found them online at You can find a primary sample pack & trend sample pack of gloss enamels on Amazon.

You want a UV resistant sealant for outdoor artwork like E-6000 UV-6800. E-6000 is NOT strong enough. Make sure it says UV-6800 in the middle of the tube.

Getting ready to shop the Dollar Store for glass plates, candle holders, bowls, & vases. Selection will vary by location.

You will need paper towels, glass water, toothpicks, paint brushes, & a open mind. If you are placing these outside you want either a threaded metal rod found at hardware stores or garden stake. The rods come in various heights and metals. To attach the rod/stake you will need a empty bottle similar to the to height to your plates. Keep the lid and drill a hole for the stake/rod. I wrapped the metal rod in bubble wrap to insulate the bottle. Alternately you can glue a hockey puck to the back of the glass plate with the UV-6900 with a hole drilled for the rod.

  • Plaid glass paint for indoors
  • DecoArt Americana for outdoors
  • Loctite adhesive for indoors
  • E-6000 UV 6800 for outdoors
  • Pole/rod
  • Paint brushes/tooth picks for fine details
  • Glassware

My blue flower was inspired by this post by Infarrantly creative. I did attempted using a bolt and rod for display but there wasn't enough surface area for the bolt to adhere permanently. Inspiration to use a bottle instead of the rod came from this pin. Check out some other Garden Glass Art on my Pinterest board.

Purple/pink flower:

On the largest plate I painted in the inner circle in crystal glass colored purple. I alternated purple and pink petals and in height. The brush strokes add depth. I used a toothpick to add dots in opposite colors. Purple on pink petals -3 down the middle, Pink on the purple tips only. I used gloss paint for them. The space between the petals is painted in Crystal clear with glitter.

The smaller plate is the same glass design. Again I alternated the pink and purple petals but met the edge. I painted the outer edge in yellow for some pop. The middle I alternated between purple and pink dots. Row of crystal then gloss etc.

I found this bowl at a 2nd dollar store in the candle stick isle. It was the last one left. I painted the inside with pink and the rim in yellow.

Bake for 30mins on 325. Then you want to add your adhesive when it cools. Do one layer  of glass at a time, waiting 24hours before adding the next layer. The last piece you glue will be the bottle on the back. Make sure you add a thin layer of silicone to each item. Press firmly and allow to cure 48 hours.

You want to drill/hammer a hole into the bottle cap to insert your pole/stake. There is not enough surface area to glue these together. You can add a bolt under the cap for the threaded rod. I did this with the blue flower. You can seal the cap and rod or skip for easier storage off season. I wrapped the metal rod on the blue flower in one row of bubble wrap. The stake is wrapped in brown packaging paper. You want room for wiggle but not enough to crack the glass.

You another stake/pole to hammer into the ground. Then add your flower stake in place. Make sure the weight is balanced. You don't want these standing to high off the ground. Test in area away from rocks or walkway. If it fails and breaks you don't want to step on them.

If you want to experiment with adhesive and stakes be prepared to spend days on this project. It took over a month to test various applications due to cure/dry time. I have included my affiliate link to Amazon above. You do not have to use my link.

UPDATE! The blue flower glass art was created before I discovered DecoArt glass paint. Just this week the paint peeled away from the glass plate and bowl, releasing the silicone hold. I am not affiliated with any crafting paint company. I want to save you time and money by showing you what did and didn't work.

This project varies in price. The paint and adhesive will last beyond this project. If this is something you like but don't want to create your own, check out Etsy for flowers ranging $20-$100. Some sellers list glassware/plates are collectables. Special thanks to Jennifer at GlassBlooms for sharing her tips to complete this project. Jennifer uses the hockey puck with the rebar stake which she also sells.


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  1. Hey Michele, two questions about these wonderful garden creations. 1. I tried Glass Bond - didn't work once I put it outside in the humidity. The UV6800 will hold up in rain and even if your items (like plate flowers) is heavy? 2. Painting the plates. Do you bake the item once you've painted it, and then seal it? Or, are you just painting and sealing??

    Thanks!! Kimberly

    1. Hi Kimberly! Yes the UV6800 will hold up in the rain. I let it dry/cure inside for 2 days first.

      When using the Deco art glass paint you do not need to bake. Again let it dry for 24-48 hours before putting it out in the sun.

      This year I used tree branches that fit snug into the bottle behind the glass plate.