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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spooky Effects

When I was young, Halloween was a special holiday & my Aunt's birthday. Every year after trick or treating all the cousins would meet up at her house for a party. That family bond and celebration is part of why I love Halloween so much.

Now that we are grown and my Aunt has since past I love to decorate inside and out in in honor of that memory.

Last Year I purchased a few decorative pieces from Kohl's for our front window. This year I went with a different window theme. They hold a tealight candle inside for a spooky effect. I added velium to the windows & owl so an open flame wasn't the best choice.

I recently fell in love with Pink Zebra soy sprinkles. OMG they are amazing. I rarely burn candles since I become a Mom. These soy melts are a wonderful alternative. Behind the figures I have a Orange Simmer Light with a mix of fall baked scents. Not only does it look like Halloween it smells like Halloween.

You can contact Jamie with your Pink Zebra questions.

For those going "OH I want that house", I found the haunted house on Amazon, but with different colors.



 Do you have any special Halloween traditions, past or present?

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