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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Inspiration

I always had a creative side. I just need some inspiration. Pinterest is my place of inspiration.

This year I have a Haunted Halloween scene on my bookshelf. I purchased a black tree from Kohl's. I believe it's a Martha Stewart design.

I next made a paper house from this site. Remember to score before cutting. Total novice and I missed that the first try.

Next I made a candy corn fence using recycle card board wrapped with florist wire. I hot glued the candy corn to the card board. Be careful because they easily break. I added black glitter glue to the tops.

*Update* Candy corn is melting from the warm air. I would spray with clear acrylic sealer.

I then used some cardstock stickers to complete my grave yard on a piece of foam.

I was inspired by this pin. 

Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas like the Mumpkin.



UPDATE! I am sad to report the mumpkin didn't last. Researching further.


  1. I could never make the candy corn fence because I would eat all of the candy corn. LOL! This is too cute!

  2. How cute! You definitely have a creative side! I LOVE decorating for holidays as well, especially Halloween! I might have to use some of your ideas!!

  3. love you great halloween/ fall decor looks awesome

  4. Ok I am stealing the pumpkin idea! Love it!! You are very creative!

  5. How adorable! I will have to steal some of these ideas when I am decorating :0

  6. So cute!! You are very creative!!



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