Wednesday, September 5, 2012


 Search & Win

Earn cash for holiday spending with swagbucks. Earn virtual currencies through surveys, videos, shopping, online coupon redemption and more. The last two months swagbucks has given daily goals with a bonus point. You receive bonus points on reaching your goal each 7 consecutive days 7,14,21 and end of the month. I have earned $50 this month and 29 consecutive days of hitting my goal. July I started mid month and earned $30 and 14 consecutive day bonus. Redeem points for your favorite online stores like Amazon. There is a waiting waiting period after ordering a card but once earn continuously you won't notice the wait. Join their facebook fan pages and connect with other members for tips. Join discussion on fan created pages for even more tips. Help each other reach your goals. It's a win win system. Sign up today for 30 point bonus. Use SAVVY2012 for additional pts.

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  1. Hi Swaggernaut,

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    When you redeem multiple Gift Cards, you get multiple credits.
    Once your Gift Card is marked as 'In My Gift Cards', you get your credit in 2 days.
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