Monday, February 3, 2014

Minion Valetine gift

 Frugal and Easy toddler craft for Valentine's day: Minion Bookmarkers.

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Supplies needed:

-1" Circle Epoxy Stickers For Bottle Cap Pendants -.06 each (amazon Affiliate link)
-Jumbo wooden Craft sticks - .025 each (dollar store)
-1 inch punch (amazon Affiliate link)
-1 Image (google)
-Mod Podge (craft store)

First you need to find a free images to use. Sorry I didn't save my source. I played around with the size until it printed within 1 inch.

Gently and carefully center your image to the sticky side of the epoxy stickers.

Next you need to seal the paper with a thin coat of Mod Podge. You made need to apply two coats. When it's dry wipe the epoxy clean.

My son loves to paint and I was ecstatic to have him paint the craft sticks. I was so proud that he only left 3 for me to complete. This is our first craft together that he didn't abandon in minutes. Once the sticks are dried you may apply a sealer.

The final step is to glue your minion epoxy sticker to the craft stick. The idea is to have the sticker hang out of the book.

 Just one more easy and candy free Valentine's gift for toddlers.
We are including this in treat bags with the crayon heart and love note.

-Check out this pin for another no candy Valentine's Idea.
-Great Minion card to go with your bookmarker

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