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Pet Stain Remover #giveaway

 Pet friendly, Earth friendly and affordable! But does it truly work?


I love cats! I have 25 years of experience being owned by cats.  At times they can be messy. Shame on the humans for skipping a day scooping the litter or offering such taste weeds to eat. 

Currently I have 4 adorable senior cats, 1 female queen and 3 boys. Molly, the female queen, is the groomer. She cleans all the boys ears and eyes. Aww She also has thick fur which means fur balls. YUCK. Cello the eldest has IBD which means tummy upset and vomit. YUCK. Lucky is like garfield. He loves to eat and quickly which means vomit. Then there is the insecure wild kitty who thinks he is king of the house-Benson . When he feels threatened by outdoor stray animals he leaves his mark for all to smell. YUCK.

I have tried several cleaners over the years. Many were enzymatic cleaners that mask the smell, rather than removing it. Quite a few left a bigger stain then the mess itself. I have spent way more than I am willing to admit. Many friends and family members think I have gone well beyond what other owners are willing to do.

I have to admit I was ready to throw in the towel with the peeing. My last resort was reading Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy's blog and fan page. Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover was the next and last recommendation for removing stains and odors. Could it really be that simple? Pet friendly, Earth friendly and affordable! But does it truly work?


You will receive in your set-up order a 32oz EMPTY bottle and two tablets. You fill the bottle at least to the neck with hot water. Then remove one tablet from the safety package which warns you this is NOT candy or to be eaten. Place the tablet in the bottle and watch it fizz. My son calls this magic.

How does it work?

Fizzion is neither a deodorizer, oxy nor enzyme.  It is in a unique category altogether.  Fizzion relies on a three-prong system to treat the stain and odor quickly, efficiently and permanently.

Using the same concept as dry cleaning, which uses CO2 as its basis, Fizzion uses the power of CO2 as a vehicle to make the normally insoluble uric acid soluble so that it can be removed from the fibers permanently.  It forms a shield around the stain while it works on it which immediately reduces odors.  Finally, Fizzion’s proprietary blend of cleaners creates an unmatched detergency that removes the stain permanently and without any harm or discoloration to the fibers or surface.

I tested Fizzion on a vomit stain, urine marks, litter pans, coffee stain and on old mystery stains.  Every stain was removed Except the mystery old stain. I honestly didn't think it would. It has been there for years. It shows up under a black light but not visible with the naked eye.

I removed the vomit and sprayed. Within minutes the stain was almost gone. I washed the pad with mild detergent and it's completely gone. A few other stains disappeared. too.

The stains on the rug were dry and not as fresh. I sprayed the area and allowed it to sit for 20 minutes. I blotted and then vacuumed. I was amazed at disappearance of the urine stain and vomit. The coffee stain too a bit more time to disappear though. It looks amazing now.

My last test was on the litter pans. After my usual cleaning routine I sprayed the bottoms and dried before refilling with clean litter. In between scooping I have been spraying the top of the litter. It really is helping with the odor control.

If you have a pet that is urinating on the rug or furniture Fizzion is meant to remove the stain and odor NOT stop the cause. Please talk to your vet to rule out urinary infection.  It can be a very frustrating process to find the cause since our pets can not communicate. Please do not expect to solve the issue in a few days. It really does take trial and error. Feel free to message me if you need advice or to vent. 

I highly recommend you give this product a try for stain and odor removal. I love that it's safe for pets whether it's dry or wet.

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