Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pinterest Crafts

I first discovered Pinterest before it was the new rave. I search for craft ideas using google image. Many led to Pinterest. I used the site for months before I knew you could create your own board. Here are a few projects I did after seeing them on Pinterest. 
 Shower Cake Gift

The bakeware diy gift cake was a HUGE hit at a bridal shower. Guests were asking if I sell these. I honestly couldn't charge for something so simple to make. I cut the paper images on the cricut machine. The bottle and wine glass from the "Summer in Paris" cartridge  and the initials were cut from a preloaded cartridge.  For inspiration link click here. The base is a cake circle with a doilie on top. The "cake" is made from half of an empty circle box. Mold into a circle and hot glue together. I then wrapped a kitchen towel to complete the cake. The baking tools into into the center of the cake.

 Toilet Paper Art
Our bedroom needed some spice on small space behind the door. I laid all the pieces on the floor after cutting to create a design. I then took a photo with my phone for future reference. Painting was a bit messy but my 3 year old loved helping. I used clothes pins to clip sections together for gluing called liquid fusion. Best glue EVER. I used non-toxic clear craft glue. For inspiration link click here
 Sensory Tub

Sensory tub. Must have for toddlers. Just a cheap and simple idea. This one I used brown rice since my son is older. We had started with old large pieces of pasta when he was younger. You can have a theme and hide toys under the rice/pasta. My son loves dumping the rice from jar to jar. It's been over a year and he still plays with them. Yes the rice can be messy. If you are a SAHM you know there are days you just don't care about the mess. 

 Over the door shoe organizer

Pardon the ugly old door. This is more organization than crafts. I simply have to include this tip. We have a 3 year old son and the more active he becomes the more I worry about what he can get into. I saw this shoe organizer idea on Pinterest. I am a couponer with tons of FREE cleaning products. How was I going to keep every thing out of reach? Ahh Haa. Thanks again Pinterest.  The product is found on Amazon-DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer by ProMart-$12.99 at the time.

The hooks fit our standard doors. The tie on the sides did break on the right. The left one is holding the mob in place. This store stays open so I wasn't concerned about it swaying.

I also put 15 pocket organizer in our son's bedroom to hold his toiletries and band aids. The price has dramatically increased from the $9.99 I paid. I used my Amazon gift cards from swagging to score both for free. I earn $25 easily each month by "watching" videos on my cellphone or desktop.

What have you tried? Feel free to post your crafting board in the comments.

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