Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rite Aid better than free Razors

Rite Aid has an "UPS" program. Buy x or $ and get $ for a future purchase (not same day).
This week they have Bic razors Buy one get one 50% off. When you spend $10 you will receive $4 UPS reward. In August 5th Smart Source coupon booklet from the local paper you will find $3/1 or $2/1 bic disposable razors.

Here is my transaction
3 packs - 10ct Silky Touch
1 pack -3ct Comfort 3 blade Silky Touch

$1.99 50% 10ct
$3.99 10ct
$1.99 50% 10ct
I used 4($3) coupons. Store only allows 4 like and the coupon states max of 4 like. Some stores limit to 4 like per day. YMMV

Tax .05
Paid .71
Received $4 UPS Reward.

I did 3 trips to 3 different stores over the weekend. I was short 2 coupons but it still was better than free at the end. 84 razors-12packs

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