Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5 Best Tips for Beautiful Curls

 5 Best Tips for Beautiful Curls by Michele Clarke

Those who know met me in real life say I am known for my curly hair. Yes, it's real. I certainly do love them, NOW that I have control over them which is why I say "Sure you can touch them!"

Here are my top 5 EXPERT Tips for Beautiful Curls.

1) Switch out your pillowcase for one that is satin or silk. I recommend you own two since they are usually hand wash/line dry only. Your skin will thank you too!

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2) Is that t-shirt too big for you? Don't trash it, re-purpose it as a towel for those curls. Towels absorb too much moisture which is something your curls must have for the bounce.

3) Take that bristle brush and drop it in the trash! Yes, that's right. If you must, use a wide tooth comb or your fingers. Despite popular belief, you can comb wet hair, just make sure you have some conditioner in it.

4) Speaking of combing. Start at the bottom first no matter how tempted you are to start at the scalp. Tangles happen & can you blame them for wanting to do the twist? Starting at the bottom will ease the tension on the root when you hit a snag.

5) Hands off!!! I know all too well how tempting it is to touch those curls while styling. Put in some gel and let it air dry. The more you fuss with curly hair, the more likely the curls will separate and expand (some think frizz).

OK, now you are thinking why does she tell people they can touch the curls? Well, that's for another blog post but I will give you a hint - Carrot Seed Extract.

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